We focus solely on these markets to get results. Fast. 
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We researched the market, spoke to loads of people, and realised that many candidates & clients didn’t have a ‘go-to’ sales recruiter that understood them and their specific market. That’s what we wanted to change. We shared our vision with a few customers and found a unique approach to our recruitment process with creative ways to market the right roles to the right people.

We spend our days speaking to inspirational people who sell amazing products and services.  People that are going through the same struggles that we faced in the past.  Now we offer advice on hiring, sales training, and building the best possible sales teams out there. 

At Rebel Sales, every day is a learning day.  With sales being such a fast-paced environment you have to be on the ball 24/7. So here’s to the future, to Rebel Sales and all the candidates and clients we are going to carry on winning over with the best sales recruitment service out there!

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Three things you need to know about us

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We share the risk with every placement we make

We're sales recruiters
Not salesy recruiters

We’re top-performing sales people-turned recruiters

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"I was on the hunt for an inside salesperson to help generate new business in the UK and Benelux. I was recommended to get in touch with Natasha via an acquaintance. At first, I was sceptical as MDM and PIM is quite a specialised area. When speaking with Natasha it became apparent she had done her research on the solution and she had done it well. It was important for us to find someone who would not only have the right abilities but would be able to fit into our culture...As a result, we have a new hire that loves working in our business and has the skills we need, all delivered ahead of schedule."