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MSP's - Techs very own superheroes

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

A moment for MSP’s

I’ve heard it before, people think working for an MSP (managed service provider) is boring. Not a lot could happen really, you are just trying to sell bits of tech to companies…oh how could we be so wrong?!

As we move forward & slowly start to come out of the final stages of lockdown, I thought it would only be right to pay tribute to a few unsung heroes that, without, our business would have probably failed.

When the first lockdown came around businesses were not prepared & started to panic, they were running around setting up remote networks & all the necessary security measures. MSPs suddenly then found themselves in huge demand working through all hours to help companies essentially survive.

I spoke to a few IT teams & they described the first few weeks of lockdown as crazy! ‘Nobody was prepared for this yet, despite having spoken to customers about it several times people would never believe something like this could happen!’.

MSP’s played a vital role in keeping businesses open.

Several months on, they continue to deliver essential services to help companies through this key period & have saved a lot of company’s asses, let’s face it.

With remote working & switching to the cloud (that can bring issues in itself), cyber security attacks grew daily with business data at more risk then ever, the MSP heroes once again were on

hand to ensure relevant solutions were provided to protect our information.

Most MSP's will have the same 4 priorities over the coming year: securing new customers, social distancing requirements at office & customer sites; lower IT budgets/spending & adapting to staff & clients working from home. Security services will be key to future growth, alongside cloud services; companies are set to increase their security offerings & cloud services, respectively.

I get it, it could mean huge or very little changes to your business depending on how versatile you already are, what I am trying to paint in your head here is this…

If you have used an MSP this year & they have done a cracking job, say thank you. Next time a sales call comes through from a BDM, take 2 minutes & listen, they could be helping you out & potentially save your business from problems you haven’t even anticipated yet.

As a Recruiter, I love speaking to people about MSPs, I mean, come on, why would you not want to work for a company that plays such a vital role in our industry?

Ali Shabaz.

Head of IT Solutions Sales Recruitment.

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