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Rebel Sales- The back story

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Rebel Sales – the back story

After coming back from Furlough, I knew something wasn’t right, I loved recruitment but, hand on heart, I just didn’t love tech recruitment. A part of me knew that something was missing.

I know tech is cool, I know the people are awesome but call me weird if you want, I just couldn’t make it click!

I sat down with my MD & we spoke about what I loved doing the most & it hit me I loved sales, everything about it just got me buzzing. It didn’t matter if I was closing deals or winning new business, it’s what I had done all my life and what I am great at. Not qualifying developers!

Fast forward 1 week and a business plan later and Rebel sales was born!

Natasha was already recruiting sales people in the SAAS market and I already had relationships with multiple MSPS/resellers/distributors so it just made sense to bring us together under one new brand. Suddenly we had something awesome to work towards and we found an extra spring in our step after a horrible year. The atmosphere was crazy!

We researched the market, spoke to loads of people and realised that many candidates & clients didn’t have a ‘go to’ sales recruiter who understood them and their specific market. That’s what we wanted to change. We shared our vision with a select few customers and several wanted to sign up!

The new year came around & we carried on refining the service and getting feedback, making placements whilst working to the bigger goal of eventually launching Rebel Sales in March.

We are already very busy, working with some amazing new clients who are both start ups & established brands within the tech sector. The feedback we have received from both candidates & clients has been phenomenal. Our unique mix of refreshing honesty, deep networking and meticulous candidate qualification seems to be going down well!

I’m super excited with what the future holds! Not only now do I love what I do, I spend my days speaking to inspirational people who sell amazing products & services & are going through the same struggles that I have been through in the past. I spend my days offering advice on hiring, sales training & building the best damn sales teams out there.

Every day for me is a learning day, and with sales being such a fast-paced environment you have to be on the ball 24/7. I am in my element!

Here’s to the future, to Rebel Sales and all the candidates and clients we are going to carry on winning over with the best sales recruitment service out there!

Ali Shabaz - Head of IT Solutions Sales Recruitment.

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