Finding great SaaS salespeople is hard.  

Ensuring MRR, sticking to the long-term plan, fitting in with the team... There’s so much that could go wrong.


Especially so when working with transactional recruiters. 

Selling SaaS requires a unique type of individual; You need technical understanding with the ability to articulate your product to a non-technical audience, you need to speak to C-Suite every day and problem-solve as you go.  It’s a tough gig, and only the best will truly excel. 

Natasha has worked as a dedicated SaaS recruiter since 2018 and brings intelligence, energy and ridiculous amounts of determination to every search. 

She delivers a brilliant recruitment experience to both candidates and employers, offering uncommonly deep levels of engagement and insight. 

Whether you are an early-stage start-up establishing your Go-to-Market, or a deep-rooted SaaS vendor stepping into new territory, we’ve got you. 


Let’s get talking.

Image by Joshua Woroniecki

 "At first, I was sceptical as MDM and PIM is quite a specialised area. When speaking with Natasha it became apparent she had done her research on the solution and she had done it well. It was important for us to find someone who would not only have the right abilities but would be able to fit into our culture. "