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Saas Sales Recruiter 

I have always had an interest in the dynamics of a business and the idea of building something from nothing.  Cleaning, dog washing, sweet selling, you name it, If I could make an extra buck (or have another excuse to whack out the laminating machine) I would! 


This led me to start a career in sales.

I initially found myself in pretty much a phone-bashing role, making 150 dials a day and booking appointments on behalf of well-known tech vendors. 

A couple of years later I started to recruit SaaS salespeople for some of the fastest-growing companies in the UK, and now I am excited to be part of the Rebel family, driving our sales division forwards and building on our previous success within the tech recruitment space. 

My aim? To break the traditional agency mould and making a whole load of salespeople happy (Including me!) 

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Tech sales recruiter

I love sales.  There’s no better job in the world.  The buzz, the opportunity to earn loads of money and be inspired by the most dynamic people on the planet (yes, salespeople!).


​It’s what gets me out of bed every day.  I have worked for 8 years in sales, as a sales executive, manager, and trainer.  I have hired salespeople and have used some truly awful agencies (I wish Rebel Sales existed back then!)  so I know how frustrating recruitment can be when the people engaging candidates for you just don’t get it. 


That’s why I’m here.  For me, recruitment has always been about people, not CVs.  And I’m pumped to take sales recruitment to another level at Rebel Sales!

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5 years into growing Rebel Recruiters, a tech and digital recruitment company, it became clear that there was also a real need for our distinctive approach to recruitment within the tech sales market.  

I’ve been a recruiter since 2004 and my proudest achievement has been creating a team of remarkable individuals here at Rebel who buck the industry stereotype of ‘typical’ recruiters. 

I worked in sales prior to recruitment and as a recruiter, I was a top biller and manager for several years, so I know what it takes to get to the top, stay there and to bring others along for the ride! 

​My job is to ensure we choose our clients carefully, understand our market deeply and take every promise we make personally.  I also undertake all of our senior appointment searches personally. 

​I live a frenetic existence with 4 kids, 3 cats and a growing Rebel family at work, as well as a deep, painful love for Arsenal! 

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“Natasha has been fantastic at finding and closing some world class talent for our commercial team, despite exacting requirements and a challenging recruitment environment. We look forward to continuing to work with Natasha ongoing as we rapidly scale our team and see her as instrumental in continuing our current velocity.”